[SATLUG] Day of Reckoning

brian lewis astro at astr0.org
Thu Dec 11 10:12:31 CST 2008

This has probably been mentioned (I haven't read the thread), but the 
last 2 years in a row I used turbotax.com from both Ubuntu and Fedora 
installs, and used Firefox without a problem. Most of the online "in 
browser" programs should work just fine  for this.


Andrew Pickens wrote:
> Thanks, Borries. That helps a lot.
> Andy
> Borries Demeler wrote:
>>> WMWare. OK, I'll have to learn about that, too.
>> Andrew,
>> VMWare is a package that allows you to run Windows underneath Linux.
>> There are two ways to do it:
>> get the free vmware player and run an image of a Windows installation
>> (can be any OS, all of win95, win2k, NT, XP, etc. work under VMWare).
>> You need to have an image made by someone else. Once you got that,
>> you can modify the image and add software of your liking.
>> The other option is to buy a copy of VMware and make the image yourself.
>> At any rate, this gives you a full-featured Windows version to run
>> underneath of Linux, within a window. And you can install any windows
>> software inside this image and use it as if you were running it 
>> natively.
>> I also like VMWare since the image can be simply copied for backup
>> somewhere else.
>> Regards, -Borries
>>> Andy
>>> Borries Demeler wrote:
>>>>> Andrew Pickens wrote:
>>>>>> Tax time is coming.  I have been using Ubuntu, and my Windows XP 
>>>>>> is broken.  How do Linux users do their income tax?  Do I have to 
>>>>>> fix Windows so I can run a tax program?
>>>>> Do you really need a tax program?  Are you filing a 1040EZ, 1040A, 
>>>>> or 1040.  How many schedules.  I admit that my filings are not 
>>>>> that complicated, but I can sit down with the instructions and 
>>>>> have things done in a couple of hours.
>>>>>    -- Bruce
>>>> For those of us with more complicated taxes, I have been using 
>>>> Intuit's
>>>> turbotax under VMWare using my old win2k package. I like being able to
>>>> import from my Quickenbooks accounting package and have it autofill 
>>>> the
>>>> relevant fields in the Turbotax program. I also don't like to go 
>>>> out and
>>>> store my tax info on the web on someone else's server. I have been 
>>>> using
>>>> this solution since the times of WABI using win 3.1 (anyone 
>>>> remember this?).
>>>> When VMWare became available, I switched.
>>>> -b.
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