[SATLUG] Day of Reckoning

Andrew Pickens wg5o at sbcglobal.net
Thu Dec 11 20:28:33 CST 2008

Thanks for the well-founded concern.  The truth is, both my wife and I 
are pretty disorganized and I have never been able to imagine being able 
to get everything together to dump on a CPA.


MKR wrote:
> I am not sure how complex his return is. May be he should email me some
> details offline. I am a CPA in public practice doing tax returns.
> On 12/11/08, Jim Wells <jfw5cpa at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On Thu, Dec 11, 2008 at 1:30 PM, scs at worldlinkisp.com
>> <scs at worldlinkisp.com> wrote:
>>> Andy I second the "CPA" suggestions.  They aren't cheap, but they know
>> all the latest IRS >rules and  possibilities (for you), and in the long run
>> will save you money.  Be sure to be >prepared and have ALL your individual
>> data with you.
>> As a CPA myself, though not in public practice, I am in 100% agreement
>> with those who have suggested having one prepare your taxes.  If I had
>> an especially complex tax return myself, I would have a CPA who
>> specializes in taxes to do the return.  Those in public practice doing
>> taxes, if they are good, know the tax law backwards & forwards.  If
>> you make a mistake on your own, you are out-of-luck.
>> Jim Wells, CPA
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