[SATLUG] Digital Cameras

Alan Lesmerises alesmerises at satx.rr.com
Thu Dec 11 22:41:49 CST 2008

Thanks for reminding me to check what kind of battery they use -- I HATE 
having devices (like electronics) with peculiar components that will 
wear out or otherwise need replacement every few years, and you're 
forced to back to the factory or a specialty supplier to get a new one.  
And then, after a couple of years, you can't get the replacement part 
any more and have to replace the entire device just because you can't 
get a new battery or something!

I also know what you mean about good/bad photographers with bad/good 
cameras.  I've been into photography for more than 30 years and have 
some friends that have been doing it professionally for almost as long.  
I've had some pretty good equipment in that time, but it's definitely 
useless unless you know how to use it.  Now, it's a question of what to 
get my wife that will take good pictures, won't be too complicated to 
use, and won't sour her on actually using the technology before she has 
a chance to become at least mildly proficient at it.

Al Lesmerises

Brad Knowles wrote:
> MKR wrote:
>> Battery is an issue. All the three Canon cameras I own, use regular AA
>> batteries which are not expensive and easily available anywhere. The 
>> thinner
>> and smaller cameras use lithium batteries and replacement can be 
>> tough and
>> expensive.
> That's one of the reasons why I stopped using my old Canon SD550, and 
> bought a Pentax Optio -- I had forgotten to bring my charger with me, 
> so the old camera was dead, and I needed to have something to use.  
> The only one I could quickly find at the time was the Pentax, so I 
> bought it.
> However, more recent Canon PowerShot SD-series cameras have gotten 
> much better with battery life, and I've been starting to think about 
> switching back again.
>> Also when buying the SDHC cards, I would go with the fastest (class 
>> 6) which
>> can be purchased on-line at competitive prices.
> Fast SDHC cards are absolutely the way to go.  I would never even 
> think about anything else.
> In fact, I didn't think about anything else, which is why I didn't 
> even think to bring up this issue.
>>                                                  Buy it early so that by
>> Christmas, you will be familiar with all the controls to take some good
>> shots.
> Agreed.  Just remember that a good photographer with a crappy camera 
> can take much better pictures than a crappy photographer with a good 
> camera. And practice is the single biggest contributor to being a good 
> photographer.
> You really need to know what your camera can and can't do, and the 
> best way to learn that is to just try to do stuff and see what works 
> and what doesn't.  Then try to understand why it does or doesn't work, 
> and what can be done to compensate.

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