[SATLUG] Jan. Presentation: ASTERISK - Parking?

Marc Ripley misteratomic at gmail.com
Tue Dec 16 10:54:10 CST 2008

OH Boy, I'm really wanting to attend this presentation.

I've been driving myself nuts trying to unlock one of my three ATA's
to play with Asterisk.
I'm a long time VOIP user and have collected several of these things
as I service hop.

I unlocked my SPA2201-r (Linksys) from sun rocket but messed up the ip
address while attempting a firmware upgrade.  The subsequent reset has
locked me out of my ATA once again.

I'm trying to get at least one of these things opened up to use with
Asterisk.  My main question is, is this the lest expensive  method to
connect my pots phones to an asterisk PBX?  I planned to use
termination services to connect to local lines and not hook up the
Asterisk PBX to ATT or other land line directly.

The upcoming skype/asterisk solution also sounds cool but I understand
it to be some what of a patch of a skype softphone connected to
asterisk with additional software.  It's 10 bucks for one channel and
no additional channels available unless you get an expensive business

So much to learn!

Are there are other affordable hardware solutions beyond a
reprogrammed (provisioned?) ATA?

So many questions!!!

How do I find parking at SAC?  $$$??


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