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Sat Dec 20 10:43:13 CST 2008

Tweeks wrote:
> On Wednesday 17 December 2008 12:32:11 pm Don Wright wrote:
>> On Wed, 17 Dec 2008 04:50:55 -0600, Dennis Myhand <dmyhand at suddenlink.net>
>> wrote:
>>> ed wrote:
>>>> Mind a dumb newbie question:  What is RCHE?
>>> RHCE is RedHat Certified Engineer
>> Except in Texas, where using the title "Engineer" is limited to licensees
>> of the Texas Board of Professional Engineers under terms of the Texas
>> Engineering Practice Act. (At least according to the Board.)
> Blah blah blah.. IMHO.. since they've never enforced that stupid law, so it's 
> meaningless.  I'm a real engineer (EE) and have never bothered with the 
> stupid exam.  I even have "Enginner" on my business cards.  Texas can kiss my 
> TAMU bahootey.  I paid my way through A&M.. and they're not getting a dime 
> more out of me dammit!  :)
> Tweeks
Geesh Tom.  How do you really feel?  (ha ha ha)

Actually, Texas is not the only state with that type of law.  I do not
have "engineer" in my title, but its misuse does bother me sometimes. 
Forget the law...I have a hard time with the word engineer in several
titles.  As with many words, engineer can mean more than one thing.  We
normally do not think about it--we simply derive the meaning from the
word's usage in a sentence.  The word engineer could be the driver of a
train (I think of the guy with the pinstripe hat hanging out of the
window of a steam engine--ha ha).  Does the E in MCSE mean engineer as
in: a designer or builder of  military works; a person  who designs,
invents, or contrives; a person who is trained in or follows as a
calling a branch of engineering; a person who is in charge of the
engines of a ship; or a crafty schemer?  He he he...

Merry Christmas,

>> The Computer Engineer exam[1] has recently changed. There's a good chance
>> many RHCE's would pass it.  --Don
>> [1] National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying
>>     Principles and Practice of Engineering Examination
>>     Electrical and Computer---COMPUTER Exam Specifications
>>     EFFECTIVE Beginning with the April 2009 Examinations
>> http://www.ncees.org/exams/professional/Electrical_Computer%20Specification
>> s.pdf
>> --
>> Be well - or at least have interesting symptoms!

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