[SATLUG] Flash issues...

herb cee hc at lookcee.com
Sun Dec 21 00:34:10 CST 2008

ed wrote:
> Help, anyone?
> After the latest and greatest updates to Ubuntu (Thurs and Fri), I 
> cannot seen to get flash streaming video to work in any browser on my 
> system.  Its like I have a rogue Flash-Block installed (which I 
> don't...) and running wild.  No problems, however, playing Flash 
> videos I've snagged from the web - just they no longer play in my 
> browsers (FF, SwiftWeasel, Opera or Galeon).  Any suggestions would be 
> greatly appreciated.
> Cheers;
> Ed
Ed Doubt this will help, I don't use the embedded video much but was 
getting 'plug-in required' for Flash related URLs and I kept asking for 
it to be installed but didn't help till I hit a URL calling for it and 
that one worked. The plug that got installed was 'Shockwave Flash 
9.0r124' but I still now and then get a page with overwritten text and 
similar display errors and referring to FF.Tools/Error  Console I find 
the error listed to be caused by a URL that I don't recognize so I 
assume its an ad link or some such. might check it out and block that 
link. I didn't try.

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