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> Hello all,
> Merry Christmas, and I hope Santa brings you what you REALLY want.
> I seem to recall that the current release of Ubuntu had some issues. I'd
> like to install it but would like a stable version.
> Comments or suggestions graciously received.
> Ben Price
> *JBPrice*
> *RF & IT Solutions*
> San Antonio
> www.JBPrice.com <http://www.jbprice.com/>

I've installed both 64 (Fresh install) and 32 bit (auto upgrade from
Hardy) versions of Intrepid with little or no issues.
Both processors are AMD.  The 64 bit is on a dual core machine.  All
hardware works great except for an AMD-ATI integrated motherboard
using ATI 3200HD graphics.
This is a closed source driver issue not a direct result of the
distribution itself.


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