[SATLUG] Study for RHCE...

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Mon Dec 22 20:00:04 CST 2008

Tweeks wrote:

> But you're right Steve.. the abuse of the title has really watered down what 
> it means.  I mean when an illegal can get a job as a "Sanitation Engineer", 
> it does kind of make me say "whaaa?".  Whatever.. Titles are bunk anyway.  
> It's what you have done and what you can DO that's important. MCSE.. just a 
> paper cert.. RHCE.. better (hands on).. but I've still seen some of the worst 
> sys-admins pass the RHCE, and some of the best have problems with the test.  
> No biggie.  I usually look at experience first.. education second, then any 
> certs to round things out.

There are a lot of credentials around.  Examples are academic degrees and 
certifications (computer, accounting, legal, medical, etc).  The only real 
purpose of these credentials are to introduce someone to another without prior 
knowledge of the person's abilities.  One big issue is the reputation of the 
certificate issuer.  How about a Ph.D. from the University of Berkeley?  (Check 
it out.  It's a fraud.)

Most computer certificates are junk.  You only have to pass a multiple guess 
test or two.  Others like RHCE and Cisco's Network Engineer are a bit more 
rigorous, but that doesn't tell you what the person can do.

In many cases, a certificate can help someone get a job, but it won't help them 
keep it if they have don't get along well with others, don't have a good work 
ethic, and/or don't have real skills that are useful in the workplace.

   -- Bruce

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