[SATLUG] Printing Mystery Might be OT .

Borries Demeler demeler at biochem.uthscsa.edu
Tue Dec 23 15:38:47 CST 2008

> So I copied to diff dir and selected the 6 even pages and voila it 
> printed them but when I turned the stack over to print odd 6 it printed 
> 1 sheet and stopped and when I tried to restart printing, got booted. I 
> renamed the file asked again for single pg., got booted.

I think the key is that it does this only on this one page (247). 
Are you doing this as root, or is the print command running as root?
I agree with you this should never happen. It is possible that the 
file is somehow corrupted and sends an unhandled exception.

I would try this:

As a regular user, not root, open the document and print it to a postscript
file. Printing "To File" should do that. Then open the postscript file with
ghostview and see if it displays p247 correctly. If so, try again to print it,
but this time from the postscript viewer. See if this workaround does the 

Last resort would be to load this page from the pdf file into gimp and 
turn it into a bitmapped file for printing.

Good luck, -b.

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