[SATLUG] Printing Mystery Might be OT .

herb cee hc at lookcee.com
Wed Dec 24 12:01:47 CST 2008

Borries Demeler wrote:
>> So I copied to diff dir and selected the 6 even pages and voila it 
>> printed them but when I turned the stack over to print odd 6 it printed 
>> 1 sheet and stopped and when I tried to restart printing, got booted. I 
>> renamed the file asked again for single pg., got booted.
> I think the key is that it does this only on this one page (247). 
> Are you doing this as root, or is the print command running as root?
> I agree with you this should never happen. It is possible that the 
> file is somehow corrupted and sends an unhandled exception.
> I would try this:
> As a regular user, not root, open the document and print it to a postscript
> file. Printing "To File" should do that. Then open the postscript file with
> ghostview and see if it displays p247 correctly. If so, try again to print it,
> but this time from the postscript viewer. See if this workaround does the 
> trick.
> Last resort would be to load this page from the pdf file into gimp and 
> turn it into a bitmapped file for printing.
> Good luck, -b.
Thanks Borries, I had to interrupt this but may get back to it today.  
One other thing that I noticed was that it printed 1/2 of pg 22 then 
skipped 3 blank pgs but not knowing this when I flipped over to print 
the odd numbered it failed to print pg 23 but then it also skipped those 
3 blanks and resumed with pg 25 on back of 24 this threw off the 
Left/Right pagination.  I think  since I would not mind having a hard 
copy  I will try reprinting the entire book and see what happens. I had 
a mild heart attack but I am feeling better just bit weak.

I am going to look at the logs now first then reset them before the next try
Thanks to all & Merry Christmas

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