[SATLUG] Printing Mystery Might be OT .

Borries Demeler demeler at biochem.uthscsa.edu
Wed Dec 24 12:08:18 CST 2008

> Thanks Borries, I had to interrupt this but may get back to it today.  
> One other thing that I noticed was that it printed 1/2 of pg 22 then 
> skipped 3 blank pgs but not knowing this when I flipped over to print 
> the odd numbered it failed to print pg 23 but then it also skipped those 
> 3 blanks and resumed with pg 25 on back of 24 this threw off the 
> Left/Right pagination.  I think  since I would not mind having a hard 
> copy  I will try reprinting the entire book and see what happens. I had 
> a mild heart attack but I am feeling better just bit weak.

This seems to be a common problem. Unless you have a high-quality, very 
reliable printer some little mishap is easy to happen. I recommend to reprint
in small 10 page sections when doing the back side, to make sure you don't
waste too much paper in case of a paper jam, or printer hiccup.

> I am going to look at the logs now first then reset them before the next try
> Thanks to all & Merry Christmas
> herb
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