[SATLUG] Printing Mystery Might be OT .

herb cee hc at lookcee.com
Wed Dec 24 12:48:10 CST 2008

Borries Demeler wrote:
>> Thanks Borries, I had to interrupt this but may get back to it today.  
>> One other thing that I noticed was that it printed 1/2 of pg 22 then 
>> skipped 3 blank pgs but not knowing this when I flipped over to print 
>> the odd numbered it failed to print pg 23 but then it also skipped those 
>> 3 blanks and resumed with pg 25 on back of 24 this threw off the 
>> Left/Right pagination.  I think  since I would not mind having a hard 
>> copy  I will try reprinting the entire book and see what happens. I had 
>> a mild heart attack but I am feeling better just bit weak.
> This seems to be a common problem. Unless you have a high-quality, very 
> reliable printer some little mishap is easy to happen. I recommend to reprint
> in small 10 page sections when doing the back side, to make sure you don't
> waste too much paper in case of a paper jam, or printer hiccup.
> -b.

Hmmmm yeah I was also giving the brand new printer a test of printing a 
long document and what puzzles me is that in pringing all the even sides 
first those three blank pages got inserted and printing was interrupted 
1/2 way down pg 22 but the printer did not stop it simply fed those 
extra pgs.

Soooo, then in turning over the entire stack how did the printer know to 
skip those 3 blank pgs. Yet it did print from 1 to 21 correctly on the 
back side but totally skipped pg 23 and those blanks. See the puzzle?
>> I am going to look at the logs now 

I tried to read the log but the error occured back on Dec 14th and my 
var/log only goes back to the 20th .. Do you know if there is a way to 
see the 14th or is it gone?

>> first then reset them before the next try
>> Thanks to all & Merry Christmas
>> herb
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