[SATLUG] OT: ISP options in Schertz?

brian lewis astro at astr0.org
Wed Dec 24 21:04:44 CST 2008

If he works from home, he should purchase internet from 2 different 
ISP's for redundancy. I'd go with Grande and Time warner if possible. 
AT&T's u-verse is garbage.


Jennie Haywood wrote:
> I have a friend who is moving back to Tx (Schertz in particular).  Any
> opinions on the ISP options for that area?
> He works from home so whoever it is - they MUST be reliable.    So I'm
> thinking that cuts Time-warner out of the picture...  I had the one weird
> problem (rogue DHCP server that they would not admit to) with Grande but no
> problems since.   He's thinking that he'll need to do DSL.
> Any thoughts??
> Jennie

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