[SATLUG] What does engineer mean in the State of Texas?

Tweeks tweeksjunk2 at theweeks.org
Wed Dec 24 23:54:00 CST 2008

[Mike Henry:  I CCd you on this.. maybe you can help provide some guidance on 
how to bring some of these STEM-ish programs I list together!] 

On Wednesday 24 December 2008 10:09:28 am Nate Turnage wrote:
> I think 
> a student engineering competition might be cool to do in this city to see
> how far kids can get into these subjects, though.

There ARE already a number of Science and Technology kids programs in and 
around SA...  Here are a just a few that I know about or have been involved 
in in the past couple of years:

Example #1: Robotics Program, 2008 (& ongoing)
As a part of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) coalition, 
the RITE Robotics competition for Jr & High schoolers is one SA kids 
technology program that's going strong.  One of the SA reps for the program 
presented on their Kids/Robotics program at XCSSA that last September looking 
for volunteers to help out:

Example #2: High Powered Hybrid Rocket Program, 2007 (ongoing?)
Then there was the "High Power", Hybrid Educational Rocket Launch" in 2007:

Very cool... I was told that NASA, the sate of TX and others backed this 
program that sought to tech south Texas kids how to build and fly high 
powered, hybrid fuel rockets.  (too bad they didn't tech them how to 
recoverthem.. hehe.. look at the pics and video... ;).  Anyway, I  was one of 
the technical SMEs that helped oversee the launch.  It was lots of fun seeing 
the kids getting to "play" with this technology and learn.. encumbered by 
finances and bureaucracy.  :)

Example #3: UTSA/Rackspace Tech Kids Summer Camp, 2008
UTSA and Rackspace hosted a two week long technology summer camp for twenty 
kids. Eighth and ninth graders from NEISD, SAISD, and children of Rackspace 
employees sat through classes taught by Rackers on everything from "How the 
Internet Works" to "Basics of Web Server Software".

It was a lot of fun.  The winners got a small scholarship to UTSA and a free 
laptop.  Cool stuff.

Anyway.. there are other high tech youth initiatives in and around SA.  You 
just have to look for them. :)

p.s. Mike.. please contact me as I would like to talk to folks about how we 
could bring more of these STEM type programs together...

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