[SATLUG] Jennie, Isp's in Schertz

Cheryl Holmes cherylholmes72 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 25 08:56:51 CST 2008

Jennie, I live in Cibolo and mom lives in Schertz.  Depends on where he's
moving in Schertz as to what his options will be.  Cable, U Verse etc are
NOT available in my area or Mom's in Schertz.  In Mom's area DSL isn't
available either..only dial up..

In my area, my only option is ATT DSL.  As for reliability, I've never had
it go down....but I'm not a big fan of the company itself (spying on us and
data mining finished me with them...well, they don't support Linux
either...but the dsl works fine with them despite themselves!).  Your friend
can do "naked DSL" if he/she doesn't want have a landline too...ATT offers
that too.

ATT and Time Warner have told me neither of them plan to expand services to
my area or Mom's..so there are places in Schertz where no cable or dsl
anything are available. cheryl

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