[SATLUG] 12-25-08

mike wn5pmr at gmail.com
Thu Dec 25 17:08:25 CST 2008

Charles Hogan wrote:
> Dennis Myhand wrote:
>> mike wrote:
>>> Very best to all my  LUG friends.  Hope your weather is better than 
>>> ours here in Spokane, WA
>>> About 3 feet of snow in the last week.
>>> Mike WN5PMR
>> What's wrong with 3 feet of snow?  Peace, Dennis, KB5VYA
> I think he's just trying to make those of us in the south jealous  I 
> miss snow.
> Charlie
Charlie and any of you other */Jealous/*" southern types. We have plenty 
of the white stuff to spare. Simply mail me a sponge, and return 
postage,  and I will sop up all the sponge can hold and return it in the 
next out going mail. Course I can make no guarantee  as to the condition 
it will be in when it gets back down south.


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