[SATLUG] Mike in Spokane

mike wn5pmr at gmail.com
Thu Dec 25 23:13:27 CST 2008

Cheryl Holmes wrote:
> Too bad the weather sucks up there this year Mike.  We have 90 deg with 80%
> humidity here today...fog in the am again...cool (not cold) front coming in
> again Saturday night...,no winter again this year...MERRY CHRISTMAS TO
> ALL!!  cheryl
And thats one reason, Cheryl. that I will no longer live in my native 
state of Texas. Even though I was born and raised in SA I have lived in 
other /cooler /climes for over half my life. And I expect cold @ 
Christmas not 90 with 80% RH. I want seasons that happen and hopefully 
match the calender. People can and do change. My Mom, who just passed 
away this past Sept. was from Linton Ind. how ever she had lived, except 
for 5 years in central WA, in SA since 1948. When it got below 80 she 
started getting chilly. Each to his or her own. Glad that you enjoyed 
the day and best wishes for a good & hot 2009 for you.


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