[SATLUG] 12-25-08

ed horned0wl93 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 26 03:53:11 CST 2008

Geoff/W5OMR wrote:
> herb cee wrote:
>>> You can HAVE it!  We had about an inch and a half that stuck to the 
>>> ground here in North Houston (Baja Spring) a couple of weeks ago.
>>> You think the traffic is bad in Houston, on a -good- day?  Try with 
>>> rain tossed in.  Heaven forbid it ever snow here, again.  These 
>>> idiots would KILL themselves!
>> Hey Geoff, remember the Feb. ice storm in 1989 when in 3 days there 
>> were over 2,000 recorded auto accidents in the Houston area. I 
>> remember living in Todd Mission and that it got down to 5f for couple 
>> days and was below freezing several days. I don't recall the number 
>> of deaths but was quiet a few.
>> Here in Bedias (90mi N of Houston) we got 3" in this last snow and it 
>> lasted 1/2 a day.
>> herb
> All this time, Herb, I thought you were in the San Antonio area.  I 
> was, until mid-August of this year.  Had been there for 49 years and 8 
> and a half months (minus 4.5 years in SoCal, and 6 mos in 
> Pasa-GET-DOWN-dena, Texas)
> Appears as if you're recovering well from your heart attack.  I hope 
> that healing trend continues.
> Wasn't here in 89 for the freeze.  I was in San Antonio in Feb of 
> 1984, when it was 9f for a high, for 4 days.  Pipes froze, water was 
> everywhere, the city was shut down and (as they say in Southern 
> Louisiana) it wuddn't nuttin' nice!
> -Geoff
And nobody mentions the San Antonio snows of January 1985, where we had 
18" on e Saturday, and 11" the next. The lawn was really nice that summer...


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