[SATLUG] Mike in Spokane

Geoff/W5OMR w5omr at att.net
Fri Dec 26 05:25:42 CST 2008

Cheryl Holmes wrote:
> Too bad the weather sucks up there this year Mike.  We have 90 deg with 80%
> humidity here today...fog in the am again...cool (not cold) front coming in
> again Saturday night...,no winter again this year...MERRY CHRISTMAS TO
> ALL!!  cheryl

it's gotta be -at least- 36 degrees F, or colder. to snow.  There were 
reports of snow in the San Antonio area.  And, this was before 
Christmas.  There's still the whole of January and February to go! How 
much more winter do you want? ;-) 


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