[SATLUG] Free Stuff

Sean I siffland at nerdshack.com
Fri Dec 26 19:03:44 CST 2008

My new years resolution (well one of them) is to get rid of a bunch of
stuff taking up space so i have a pile of stuff headed for the trash
can, so if anyone wants it feel free to respond.

I have 1 genuine  Windows NT server with CD-KEY and a Windows ME
upgrade disk with CD-KEY and 1 genuine Workstation NT install disk
with CD-KEY.  I don't know if anyone actually uses them but they are
free if you want them.

I also have 2 genuine windows 95 install disks, i do not however have
the CD-KEYS (long since thrown away).

I also have a Linux Mandrake Operating System 7.0 deluxe disk set.
All five disks are included and have only been used a few times.  I
don't know why anyone would want this is it from 2000, but someone
might collect this stuff.

I have 1 HP LPR server that must go.  It has 2 450MHZ processors and
1Gb of 100MHZ HP ECC RAM.  It has 2 9GB 10k cheetah SCSI drives.  This
is a rack mountable server and is 2U height and full length.  It works
great but i have no use for it, so it must go.

Also i have a 500 or 600 MHz via c3 processor in a plain case and a
generic motherboard.  It boots and works, i use to have monowall on
it.  It has no hard drive or CD-ROM, but i really need to get rid of

Anyone want anything it is all free to good homes.

Also just to make it clear the OS disks are actual Microsoft discs,
they are NOT burnt (i guess it would not make sense to give away burnt
discs you don't want, I just wanted to make that clear in case anyone
really has a want/need for them).  The Mandrake ones are also from


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