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ok let's also remember some of the BAD things about the great white north...
I've lived in Chicago, Ill and Madison, Wisconsin.   I had a convertible one
of the times I lived in Chicago (I've lived there on 3 different occasions)
- and it sucked when I got caught in a white out on 294 trying to get to 88
(traveling from O'hare to Naperville) snow storms don't go well with
convertibles.  Once it turns to black slush and is  hanging off the car....
it's not fun.... slipping on the sidewalks because they haven't been salted
or shoveled... It's also not fun when you live on a street that the snow
plows don't go down (that was the case in Madison).    I used to think
people up north knew how to drive on snow - but living in Chicago changed
that.   But the worst thing was getting up in the pitch black and coming
home in pitch black because the daylight is SO short.
I'll take Texas weather over the weather in Wisconsin, Illinois and
California - I got to commute from San Francisco to Mt. View (caltrain to
the light rail then walking the rest of the way)   in those *fun* driving
rain gales that they have in the bay area.

There is good and bad in most places.....

On Fri, Dec 26, 2008 at 8:34 PM, Cheryl Holmes <cherylholmes72 at gmail.com>wrote:

> Geoff..I want a real winter for once!!!  Like we used to have...I saw some
> snow flakes, wet ones before xmas here, had some sleet and ice too..but
> want
> some serious cold and a bit more snow would be nice.
> Was in Austin when the BIG storm hit SA in 85...we only got 6" in Austin
> but
> SA looked like Colorado!  I love the beauty of snow...everything white..and
> I love the cold weather...but 1 season annually would be awfully nice here
> too...:o) cheryl
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