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Fri Dec 26 23:49:22 CST 2008

Jennie Haywood wrote:
> ok let's also remember some of the BAD things about the great white north...
> I've lived in Chicago, Ill and Madison, Wisconsin.   I had a convertible one
> of the times I lived in Chicago (I've lived there on 3 different occasions)
> - and it sucked when I got caught in a white out on 294 trying to get to 88
> (traveling from O'hare to Naperville) snow storms don't go well with
> convertibles.  Once it turns to black slush and is  hanging off the car....
> it's not fun.... slipping on the sidewalks because they haven't been salted
> or shoveled... It's also not fun when you live on a street that the snow
> plows don't go down (that was the case in Madison).    I used to think
> people up north knew how to drive on snow - but living in Chicago changed
> that.   But the worst thing was getting up in the pitch black and coming
> home in pitch black because the daylight is SO short.
> I'll take Texas weather over the weather in Wisconsin, Illinois and
> California - I got to commute from San Francisco to Mt. View (caltrain to
> the light rail then walking the rest of the way)   in those *fun* driving
> rain gales that they have in the bay area.
> There is good and bad in most places.....
This ice was soooo terrible here this week. I slipped and based my @$$ 
tonight and was NOT happy. I'm looking forward to getting back to San 
Antonio this week!
Jennie, I *LOVE* Madison. The Great Dane food and wheat beer!! When I 
looked to move out of the Central IL area, it was near the top of my 
list but I opted for warmer temps. I HATE winter, so I'll be the voice 
of dissent :)
> On Fri, Dec 26, 2008 at 8:34 PM, Cheryl Holmes <cherylholmes72 at gmail.com>wrote:
>> Geoff..I want a real winter for once!!!  Like we used to have...I saw some
>> snow flakes, wet ones before xmas here, had some sleet and ice too..but
>> want
>> some serious cold and a bit more snow would be nice.
>> Was in Austin when the BIG storm hit SA in 85...we only got 6" in Austin
>> but
>> SA looked like Colorado!  I love the beauty of snow...everything white..and
>> I love the cold weather...but 1 season annually would be awfully nice here
>> too...:o) cheryl
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