[SATLUG] Jennie, SA weather

Cheryl Holmes cherylholmes72 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 27 05:36:23 CST 2008

Jennie....My sister and her family live in the Chicago weather...they're
Texans and actually like the winters there...They're here for Christmas and
complaining abt the heat..leaving today to go back...

Been on 294 and 94 myself sooo many times on my way to Wisconsin as a child
to visit grandparents and family.  Mom ois from Sheboygan and I was born
there too.  Know all about that...the winters used to be like the Canadian
winters, brutal...not so much anymore...

When I lived in Boston, in the 80's it was like the worst storms there in
winter...I left in 1990 and afterwards even they haven't had storms like
what was normal since...global warming..:o(

I just miss our good Texas winters here where it would actually be COLD for
a few months, that's all...cheryl :o)

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