[SATLUG] SA winter Geoff

Geoff/W5OMR w5omr at att.net
Sat Dec 27 07:01:21 CST 2008

Jennie Haywood wrote:
>> Geoff..I want a real winter for once!!!  Like we used to have...I saw some
>> snow flakes, wet ones before xmas here, had some sleet and ice too..but
>> want
>> some serious cold and a bit more snow would be nice.
>> Was in Austin when the BIG storm hit SA in 85...we only got 6" in Austin
>> but
>> SA looked like Colorado!  I love the beauty of snow...everything white..and
>> I love the cold weather...but 1 season annually would be awfully nice here
>> too...:o) cheryl
>> --

Go -have- a real winter.  go to Spokane with Mike!  And, dont' get me 
wrong, I prefer the colder weather.  I can always put more clothes on to 
get warm.  But, when it gets hot... I can't take off enough clothes to 
keep from sweating!  Not in South Texas!

Anyway... I guess we'd best wrap this up.. it's got nothing to do with 
Linux, it's probably bothering some people and the holiday is over.

But, this kind of banter and conversation is a -great- argument for 
having a 'SATLUG-ETC mailing list, again.  This community -likes- to 
talk about stuff not quite so linux related, but rather community 
related, and knowing that we all share a common interest... Linux on our 

All work and no play makes SATLUGGERS a dull bunch.


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