[SATLUG] What does engineer mean in the State of Texas?

D Villarreal dvprogs at gmail.com
Sun Dec 28 12:07:34 CST 2008

I once got into a "discussion" with a "teacher" when I referred to myself a
teacher, and he became upset, stating that unless I had the teaching
certificate, I was not entitled to call myself a teacher. There's nothing
like helping people learn and to figuratively see the light bulb go on over
their heads, so what I did up to that point and continued to do afterwards
until I parted company with the school system was the same, but after that
"discussion" I just labeled it differently, more precisely, an instructor.

Al, you of all people should know that I'm not a martinet. I don't consider
it bad to strive for precision. I'm trying to teach my son to speak English
properly, and I figure good speech habits start at home. He's just a little
over three years old. I really don't like him watching certain tv shows,
such as Dora the Explorer because that is encouraging code-switching, in my
opinion. It doesn't bother me as much as it did before, but I don't want my
son speaking bastardized Spanish and English. Perhaps it doesn't matter,
because we don't associate with any Spanish speakers anyway, even if there
were any around here.

Daniel Villarreal

> Date: Thu, 25 Dec 2008 10:30:14 -0600 From: Al Castanoli <
> afcasta at satx.rr.com>...
> There was some kind of gelatinous goo that came out of the bubble memory
> cartidges in my GRiD Compass, but I don't know what that goo was.  I
> earned a computer science degree during my 22 year career as a linguist,
> but if I had an engineering degree maybe I'd be qualified to answer
> that.  Maybe it was crab ghosts.
> Al Casatanoli
> On Wed, 2008-12-24 at 10:24 -0800, Enrique Sanchez Vela wrote:
> > Now that we're discussing the crab's immortality, while talking to my
> bro-in-law, we were talking about whether particular gadgets had micro-disks
> or solid-state ones, then I started wondering whether micro-disks, floppies
> and all other disks were liquid/gel based or not.
> ...

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