[SATLUG] converting to the GNU/Linux way

D Villarreal dvprogs at gmail.com
Mon Dec 29 20:36:33 CST 2008

Well, I'm taking a big jump and converting my wife's computer from MS
WindowsXP to GNU/Linux. Main reason is that I can't afford to keep up the
licensing for products I consider essential for optimal computing (for that
platform, if there is such a thing). I had done this conversion for another
family member and they were using OE for email. My wife uses Outhouse for
email and I figured that would be the biggest hurdle. I've spent a lot of
time doing the screenshots and collecting documentation, and it's even a
little sparse at Novell's site, for my tastes. Where this goes, who knows ?

Anyway, it's been a gradual process, but it's been a long time coming.

If I could get my old Compaq to work with dual NIC's, I'd like to test the
pfSense or another BSD-type firewall. I had tried NetBSD awhile back and it
ran great on my old
Pentium 200, and the documentation was way different from what I'm used to

have fun,
Daniel Villarreal

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