[SATLUG] converting to the GNU/Linux way

skolars skolars at cis.sac.accd.edu
Mon Dec 29 23:34:21 CST 2008

D Villarreal wrote:
> <snip></snip>
> If I could get my old Compaq to work with dual NIC's, I'd like to test the
> pfSense or another BSD-type firewall. I had tried NetBSD awhile back and it
> ran great on my old
> Pentium 200, and the documentation was way different from what I'm used to
> seeing.
> have fun,
> Daniel Villarreal

We will conduct a pf workshop at the Open Source Fest this spring. 
Thanks to John Baker I have been playing with OpenBSD for some time now.
<shameless plug>John will have an OpenBSD class at night this coming
summer semester.</shameless plug>

A small group of my students worked all fall semester building a
firewall with OpenBSD.  I gave them an old, but reasonable, box with
five NICs in it.  They built a replacement for our PIX.  At the end of
the semester they removed the PIX and installed the OpenBSD box.  It has
been working well for a couple of weeks now.  Awhile back I built a
transparent bridge using OpenBSD.  All of the traffic going in and out
of our network travels through (actually some of it drops into the bit
bucket--blacklist) this OpenBSD box.  Recently SAC had a planned power
outage.  Before I shut it down the OpenBSD transparent bridge had been
up for 458 days.

Anyway, plan to attend the "Build an OpenBSD Firewall" workshop at the
Open Source Fest in the spring.


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