[SATLUG] converting to the GNU/Linux way

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Mon Dec 29 23:55:44 CST 2008

skolars wrote:

> A small group of my students worked all fall semester building a
> firewall with OpenBSD.  I gave them an old, but reasonable, box with
> five NICs in it.  They built a replacement for our PIX.  At the end of
> the semester they removed the PIX and installed the OpenBSD box.  It has
> been working well for a couple of weeks now.  Awhile back I built a
> transparent bridge using OpenBSD.  All of the traffic going in and out
> of our network travels through (actually some of it drops into the bit
> bucket--blacklist) this OpenBSD box.  Recently SAC had a planned power
> outage.  Before I shut it down the OpenBSD transparent bridge had been
> up for 458 days.

Hmm.  Our Linux From Scratch server has been up a while too:

  $ uptime
  22:45:23 up 456 days ...

I bet we get hit more than CIS at SAC due to the variety of programs (apache, 
postfix/mailman, irc, subversion, sshd, mysql, rsync) and the visibility of the 

I really don't see what OpenBSD offers over Linux except not being confused with 
all those drivers in Linux.  :)

   -- Bruce

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