[SATLUG] converting to the GNU/Linux way

brian lewis astro at astr0.org
Wed Dec 31 10:35:59 CST 2008

Pics or it didn't happen :P

Brad Knowles wrote:
> on 12/29/08 11:55 PM, Bruce Dubbs said:
>>>                                       Recently SAC had a planned power
>>> outage.  Before I shut it down the OpenBSD transparent bridge had been
>>> up for 458 days.
>> Hmm.  Our Linux From Scratch server has been up a while too:
>>  $ uptime
>>  22:45:23 up 456 days ...
> And we have multiple Solaris boxes as production servers at UT Austin 
> (including as the production OpenLDAP Enterprise Directory servers for 
> one of the largest OpenLDAP installations in the world) with uptimes 
> in excess of 600 days, and I've had HP-UX boxes back when I was at AOL 
> with uptimes in excess of 1000 days.
> What's your point?

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