[SATLUG] Re: Wall-E

Marc Ripley misteratomic at gmail.com
Wed Dec 31 11:00:56 CST 2008

Heck, I can't even watch the Wall-E DVD on my Ubuntu box let alone
archive it in mythtv or otherwise.

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>in the last few months I have noticed that it has become increasing
>difficult to copy to hard drive (for personal archival purposes of
>course) some newer movies.  This is especially true for movies released
>by that Rat from Florida. To be clear I am not attempting to transcode
>but am doing a ISO copy of the entire DVD.  Furthermore I know that this
>works on my system as I just copied Horton Hears a Who (a twentieth
>century fox release) however when I tried to do a copy of Wall-E
>(released by the Rat and Pixar).  Has anyone else had such difficulties
>with Disney movies? if so is there a way around this issue?

>thanks in advance

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