[SATLUG] converting to the GNU/Linux way

skolars skolars at cis.sac.accd.edu
Wed Dec 31 12:56:14 CST 2008

Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> skolars wrote:
>> A small group of my students worked all fall semester building a
>> firewall with OpenBSD.  I gave them an old, but reasonable, box with
>> five NICs in it.  They built a replacement for our PIX.  At the end of
>> the semester they removed the PIX and installed the OpenBSD box.  It has
>> been working well for a couple of weeks now.  Awhile back I built a
>> transparent bridge using OpenBSD.  All of the traffic going in and out
>> of our network travels through (actually some of it drops into the bit
>> bucket--blacklist) this OpenBSD box.  Recently SAC had a planned power
>> outage.  Before I shut it down the OpenBSD transparent bridge had been
>> up for 458 days.
> Hmm.  Our Linux From Scratch server has been up a while too:
>  $ uptime
>  22:45:23 up 456 days ...
I am willing to bet Unix admins all over the world can send in times
that are totally unknown in the M$ world.  However, I was not trying to
make any Linux vs OpenBSD statements--please do not take it that way.
> I bet we get hit more than CIS at SAC due to the variety of programs
> (apache, postfix/mailman, irc, subversion, sshd, mysql, rsync) and the
> visibility of the project.
For clarification: this is a transparent bridge that sits outside the
firewall.  All of the traffic in and out of the network goes through
this machine.  At peak times this machine has quite a bit of traffic
flowing through it.
> I really don't see what OpenBSD offers over Linux except not being
> confused with all those drivers in Linux.  :)
As much as I love Linux I believe, out of the box, OpenBSD does have
something to offer over Linux--given the correct application.  I will
not argue that the LFS boxes you build are lean and mean--they are. 
>   -- Bruce
I had several students this past semester building LFS systems on
Tuesday nights.  The same students were building OpenBSD firewalls on
Wednesday nights.  They did an excellent job in both classes, and they
learned a lot doing both (understatement).

Happy New Year,

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