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Wed Dec 31 20:54:52 CST 2008

Todd W. Bucy wrote:
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>>>>       in the last few months I have noticed that it has become 
>>>> increasing
>>>> difficult to copy to hard drive (for personal archival purposes of
>>>> course) some newer movies.  This is especially true for movies 
>>>> released
>>>> by that Rat from Florida. To be clear I am not attempting to transcode
>>>> but am doing a ISO copy of the entire DVD.  Furthermore I know that 
>>>> this
>>>> works on my system as I just copied Horton Hears a Who (a twentieth
>>>> century fox release) however when I tried to do a copy of Wall-E
>>>> (released by the Rat and Pixar).  Has anyone else had such 
>>>> difficulties
>>>> with Disney movies? if so is there a way around this issue?
>>>>       thanks in advance
>>>> Todd
>>> -- 
>> One of the guys here at work cannot copy his copy of Monsters Inc (i
>> dunno if that is pixar/disney). he cannot watch it on his older DVD
>> player so he was going to dump it to the computer and reburn it (nice
>> copy no scratches).  That wont let him either.  It sucks when the copy
>> protection wont let you watch your own stuff...
>> Sean
> yeah monsters inc was put out by Pixar and the Rat. and yes it does 
> suck that companies like disney and sony are pushing their customers 
> (like me) into the grey market to watch their movies.
> Todd
I'm afraid Sony pushed me over that edge clear back in '04, when their 
version of "DRM" put a rootkit into my old Win2k kernel.  Took 2 years 
and several court orders to get them to own up to it, and to finally 
offer a fix.  Far too late for me, as I'd already dumped, wiped and 
re-installed.  Since then, I've not had another Sony product of any kind 
in my house, and don't intend to ever again. (I won't even let a guest 
with a Windoze/Vaio onto my network, and Linux/Vaio only on a 
case-by-case basis.)  If there's a Sony movie or sound track that I 
absolutely gotta see (damned few of 'em!), I go grey market for one 
shot, then dump it.  Disney is now much the same...


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