[SATLUG] OFF TOPIC: "Say No to Photo-ID" for Cred Card purchases...

Tom Weeks tweeksjunk2 at theweeks.org
Fri Feb 1 12:08:35 CST 2008

On Friday 01 February 2008 01:19:54 Ernest De Leon wrote:
> Actually Tweeks, I'm glad you started this discussion.  It's good for
> people to talk about how they can protect themselves from theft or fraud
> plus their civil liberties.  I, for one, never thought of writing "Check
> for ID" on my card, but I will do it to my cards now.  

Actually... you might want to check with you bank/CC vendor.  Doing anything 
besides signing it may invalidate the credit card. (not 100%, but have heard 
this mentioned here and there in my research).

> It's actually a 
> great Idea.  I will also probably get my next set of cards with photo ID on
> the cards
> themselves.

That's what I think that I'll do also.  That way authentication is still in my 
control, and just between the CC vendor and myself (no unwanted third 

If anyone wants to continue this discussion, I've moved it over to the XCSSA 
list where we're discussing various aspects of privacy concerns:

Signup for XCSSA here:

> Dialog and discussion are always good things.

True.. but I just don't want to be guilty of dragging the SATLUG list down 
with non-Linux posts (which I'm afraid I've already done). :v/


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