[SATLUG] OFF TOPIC: "Say No to Photo-ID" for Cred Card purchases...

toddwbucy toddwbucy at grandecom.net
Fri Feb 1 16:41:32 CST 2008

I would have to agree with David.  Besides if you are really worried
about privacy you shouldn't be using a credit card. Cash is the only way
to ensure the privacy of your purchases.  The real imposition on your
privacy is the banking and credit card industry using and selling your
sales info to marketers.

On Fri, 2008-02-01 at 16:30 -0600, David Kowis wrote:
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> Alan Lesmerises wrote:
> > The store clerk may not be able to identify a forged signature, but will
> > they be able to identify a forged ID card any better?  When I worked in
> > retail (many moons ago), I don't know that I would have, unless it was a
> > REALLY crappy fake.
> The skills required to identify a forged signature are far greater than
> the skills required to verify a forged ID card.
> However, that's not really the point. It was just a possible
> justification for using ID cards rather than trying to verify the signature.
> The point is this: it's not violating any of your civil liberties. The
> company is free to put further restrictions on the acceptance of your
> credit card if they so desire. If you don't like it, pay in cash, or
> shop somewhere else. It's as simple as that.
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