[SATLUG] sharing the internet connection

Charles Hogan cd_satl at futuretechsolutions.com
Mon Feb 4 19:51:53 CST 2008

It's been ages since I've done something like this, (ipchains anybody :) 
), there was no GUI interface at that time, that I recall.

Rest assured, Google is your friend:

Chris Lemire wrote:
> Here's what I'm doing. I use 64 bit OS only my computer including virtual appliances and my host OS Fedora Core release 8 64 bit Linux running in software raid. On my desktop, I can't use ndiswrapper in 64 bit Linux because a 64 bit windoze driver is not available except from m$ updates and that's buggy as hell. I've tested the wireless network adapter with 32 bit Backtrack 2 and 3 beta, and it works no problems. Here's my plan to get wireless working in 64 bit FC8 Linux. I've got a second older slower computer. I've installed the latest Debian Etch 32 bit, and I'll be upgrading it from stable to testing. I can get wireless internet working in it. Now I've got a crossover cable running from it to my second network adapter on FC8 desktop to the Debian Etch computer. The Debian computer has the usb wireless network adapter in it. Debian doesn't run any type of gui, and it has about an uptime of a month since I installed it. I want to share the wireless internet received by
>  the Debian computer to the FC8 64 bit computer through a crossover cable. I want to do ip masquerading (what's the difference between bridging?). Now everywhere I go on the internet and ask for help, I'm getting the answer, use the gui firestarter program. I'm a linux commando. I want to edit iptables directly to set this up and Debian doesn't run a gui. How can this be done without using Firestarter.
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