[SATLUG] dvd/cd repositories

Don Crowder donguitar at gmail.com
Mon Feb 4 20:57:35 CST 2008

Chris Lemire wrote:
> I notice that Debian comes on 14 cds or 3~4 dvds. You get a minimal
> install by default like Ubuntu. Afterwards, if you want to install
> more software, synaptic or apt will say insert disk number such and
> such. My friend has 28 k dial up with Ubuntu on his laptop. What I'd
> like to do is create those dvds or cds for him that are fully loaded
> with extra software including multiverse repositories. I don't mind
> spending a couple of days downloading it all for him. I have 640 gb of
> total hard drive space but not all unused and a FIOS connection that I
> can use for downloading all the deb packages. How can I create those
> extra disks for him, so that when he wants to install software, he
> will be told to insert disk such and such?

I found it very affordable to purchase a full set of Debian CDs

Of course I bought Sarge and two weeks later Etch became the stable 
version and, as much as I like Etch, I've never bought another set of 
CDs.  Call it superstition if you like.  :)

At any rate, a set of DVDs is equally affordable and less expensive than 
the CDs.

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