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Wed Feb 6 13:31:00 CST 2008

Just an FYI for anyone considering the Sprint EVDO/Data service on the
PCMCIA card:

They make a linksys router specifically to interface with their aircard!



On Feb 5, 2008 7:05 PM, John Pappas <j at jvpappas.net> wrote:

> On Feb 3, 2008 11:03 PM, Chris Lemire <good_bye300 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > He could get a satellite uplink for faster internet. The problem with
> that
> > is that the equipment cost around $500. My grandfather who is an
> electronic
> > engineer built his only huge satellite dish on the side of our house
> that
> > moves to contact other satellite dishes. I'm wondering if something
> similar
> > is possible, so that he could get a satellite uplink internet connection
> for
> > an inexpensive price.
> I suggest a Novatel EVDO card for your friend (I prefer Sprint, VZW limits
> to 10G/Mon).  I have 2 users who have no access to any "typical" broadband
> setup (Cable, DSL, FTTH) and I have had to use Sprint EVDO.  It works
> really
> well (in fact this missive is only possible via mentioned setup).  It is
> 60/month+equipment and a contract (if you want help paying for the h/w).
> Added plus:  It travels EVERYWHERE, and with the addition of a $30
> antenna,
> gets coverage in places where I have not even been able to use my cell
> phone!
> If you want maximum direct platform compatibility (Both Laptops &
> Desktops),
> get the the USB U720, if you want "less" dongle and have ExpressCard use
> the
> EX720 (plus dongle for desktop), otherwise the PCMCIA S720 works well.  I
> have used the U720 on most platforms with little fuss (Win/Mac/Linux) and
> the other 720's on Windows and Linux with little fuss.  May have to
> recompile the usb-serial module, but IIRC the newer Linux systems have the
> Vendor strings in the C files, and work out of the box.
> It is "pricey" per KB compared to others, but depending on how you value
> your time, way less expensive than dialup. Also has less latency (most of
> the time ;) and higher upstream speeds (almost always :) than Satellite.
> Just my 2KB,
> jp
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