[SATLUG] What distro to install on a G3

Dennis Myhand dmyhand at suddenlink.net
Sat Feb 9 14:10:57 CST 2008

Mary Yatti wrote:
> I have a dozen donated G3 towers (blue/white) that I'd
> like to fix to donate out for special needs kids. 
> I've been able to download Mac games on some of them. 
> A few of them have admin passwords and I can't install
> anything so would like to do a clean install.  For
> older computers...they rock.  
> I have Microsoft Office 2004 for Macs..I'd like to
> install that for one child.  I don't think Ubuntu
> would work here.
> Someone mentioned Ubuntu, I think OS 10 Leopard is
> overkill.  I've been googling, but don't have a lot of
> time right now.  So I thought I'd ask the group's
> input...as one of the kids calls daily.  
> Mary :)

I have used Fedora on a beige G-3.  Unless they are the fastest of the 
G-3's I doubt you will be able to use anything other than Jaguar if you 
go with OSX.  The old G-3's simply do not have the juice to run anything 
newer.  Office 2004 would not work with Ubuntu.  If you want to use 
Office 2004 you would need to install a version of OSX which the 
machines could handle.  Also, you need the MAXIMUM amount of RAM you can 
load on each machine for OSX.  Linux can get by with far less RAM.  I 
learned this from trying to install OSX on the same G-3 I had already 
installed Fedora on.  If you want to go the least expensive way 
possible, go with Fedora or Ubuntu.  HTH, Dennis Myhand

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