[SATLUG] new box built but not qutie happy

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sun Feb 10 22:40:01 CST 2008

Tom Weeks wrote:

> RAID 0+1 sucks (a mirror of two RAID-0s)...  Yeah it's fast, but has a much 
> higher failure rate than RAID-10 (striped RAID-1 mirrors). If you're running 
> a nice battery backed cache RAID card, and write back cache is enabled.. then 
> RAID-10 will be nice and fast too.  Of course a "nice" RAID card with batt 
> backed cache and write-back cache will start at not much less than $2-300 
> minimum.

I don't know why people worry about $200-$300 for a decent raid card.
If your data is not worth a lot more than that, then you don't need raid.

  -- Bruce

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