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Walt DuBose dubose at texas.net
Mon Feb 11 03:54:27 CST 2008

The first NAV computer on a space shuttle was a Radio Shack M100.

Most operational computers use an OS that the is specific to the individual 
computer.  Most are really an OS written by the manfacturer for the specific task.

Data exchange between computers is to a Federal Standard so whatever OS is used 
on a computer...if it must comunicate with another computer is done using the 

Astronauts may bring along their own personal computers as long as they meet the 
RF radiation supression standard for the shuttle (they don't interfere with 
shuttle systems).

Amateur radio equipment is tested extensively by the NASA Amateur Radio Club, 
which is made up of NASA employees, before it is ever allowed on a shuttle...you 
just don't go "buy" a rig and put it in the shuttle.

Life Support systems are build and tested to a higher standard that hardware and 
software used in experiments unless it could affect Life Support systems.


John Chalinder wrote:
> Interesting. As I understood it, the original onboard computers for NASA 
> were a tripple redundant setup of Apple computers. Sad to see they've 
> 'upgraded' to MicroSuck systems. Let's hear it for minimum bid 
> technology... (Bronx Cheer)
> On Sat, 09 Feb 2008 17:14:21 -0600
>  Geoff <geoff at w5omr.shacknet.nu> wrote:
>> I'm sitting here, watching live video, and listening to live audio of 
>> the current shuttle flight, and it's docking with the ISS.
>> I just heard one of the Astronauts in space, describe an 'error' 
>> message, from some M$ software.
>> The recommended repair procedure was to power the unit down, and make 
>> sure everything is re-seated, and then restart.
>> Microsoft sucks.
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