[SATLUG] NASA's Computers

Dennis Myhand dmyhand at suddenlink.net
Mon Feb 11 07:21:21 CST 2008

Walt DuBose wrote:
> The first NAV computer on a space shuttle was a Radio Shack M100.
> Most operational computers use an OS that the is specific to the 
> individual computer.  Most are really an OS written by the manfacturer 
> for the specific task.
> Data exchange between computers is to a Federal Standard so whatever OS 
> is used on a computer...if it must comunicate with another computer is 
> done using the FED-STD.
> Astronauts may bring along their own personal computers as long as they 
> meet the RF radiation supression standard for the shuttle (they don't 
> interfere with shuttle systems).
> Amateur radio equipment is tested extensively by the NASA Amateur Radio 
> Club, which is made up of NASA employees, before it is ever allowed on a 
> shuttle...you just don't go "buy" a rig and put it in the shuttle.
> Life Support systems are build and tested to a higher standard that 
> hardware and software used in experiments unless it could affect Life 
> Support systems.
> Walt

Amen.  What he said.  Peace, Dennis

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