[SATLUG] OT: Hard Drive Failure

Alan Lesmerises alesmerises at satx.rr.com
Wed Feb 13 11:36:38 CST 2008

I, too, had 2 recent WD drive failures (do you think there's a trend 
here?).  I tried the freezer trick, but it made no difference (partly 
because WinXP tried to reformat the drive on its own).  I had to resort 
to downloading a data recovery package called "Quick Recovery" that was 
able to search the drive and recover/rebuild my files.

The software's front-end is a little buggy & does some peculiar things, 
but I think the success it had in recovering my files was worth the 
idiosyncrasies & shortcomings of the user interface.  It's not free (I 
paid $69 for my copy), but it's not just an MS Windows-only product -- 
they have Linux versions as well.

You can find the software at http://www.unistal.com/.

tsuehpsyde wrote:
> One way I've seen work (which may or may not work, it's more of a last
> resort since it's risky) is to put the drive in the freezer. Let it get nice
> and cold, and then fire it back up while it's cold (and be at the ready with
> a paper towel to wipe off the condensation that will form). I thought it was
> BS until I saw it work myself in one scenario.
> Another way I've saved drives in the past is trying the various jumpers on
> the back. I had one drive that after it started making death clicking noises
> that would only work as a slave with no master present on the secondary
> channel. I tried many different configurations until the drive showed back
> up in the OS. I then proceeded to pull the data off it quickly.
> That said, go buy a new drive now. You're going to have to have a new drive
> anyway since this one is dying, and if/when you get the old drive working
> again, you want to be able to pull the data over to a new source ASAP.
> Best of luck. This is why I use hardware RAID-5 for my personal file
> storage. I lost too many files in my younger years due to having a single
> drive failure.
> -Jim
> On Feb 12, 2008 10:32 PM, Matt Kinsel <mkinsel at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I have a Western Digital external hard drive (connects to our network via
>> Ethernet), and it started making a whir-click sound today and has become
>> unaccessible. It's got a lot of photos and other files that we'd hate to
>> lose, and though I've heard it's pricey, we'd like to see if we could get
>> those recovered. Do you have any recommendations/suggestions for anybody
>> (or
>> company, store, etc.) that could take a try at recovering the files?
>> TIA
>> --
>> Matt Kinsel
>> www.mattkinsel.com
>> www.kinsel-kreations.com
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