[SATLUG] Python Question

Matt Kinsel mkinsel at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 08:59:47 CST 2008

I've never done any work with python, and I was hoping somebody who knows a
little about it could help me here. There's a place in a certain application
I have that says "Linux" where I want it to say something else, like
"System". I dug through the application's files and I think I found the
section that needs changing; I'm just not sure what to change. Here's the

class ComputerTopic(Topic):

    def __init__(self):
        import platform
        system_alias_name = platform.system_alias(platform.system(),
                                                  platform.version())[0] or
        Topic.__init__(self, system_alias_name, uri="topic://Computer")

        from gimmie_running import ComputerRunningSource
        self.set_running_source_factory(lambda: ComputerRunningSource())

        self.update_time_timeout_id = None
        self.current_time = 0

FYI, everywhere else in the application files, the "Linux" I'm looking for
is signaled by "ComputerTopic". I'm guessing that ComputerTopic is
dynamically assigned to the platform/os I'm on, therefore I would need to
change that variable(s) to a static value, like System.


Matt Kinsel

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