[SATLUG] DVD transcoding with a slight twist.

FIRESTORM_v1 firestorm.v1 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 17 00:00:15 CST 2008

Good afternoon all:

I got a bit of a challenge for you.  I recently purchased a Cyberlink
Mini-DVD player with expectation to hack it up, but after checking the
device out and running it through a bunch of "testing" (no, no chainsaw) I
couldn't bring myself to hack it up and have instead decided to purchase
another one to hack leaving the first one in it's original state and fully

Now for the problem:

I am wanting to transcode some of my DVDs that i *legally* own to the
minidisc format. (the 1.4GB discs).  There used to be a process somewhere
that I could take my DVD and transcode the the main feature into a single
AVI.  What I am looking for is an application that I can use to transcode
the video into several smaller AVIs to fit onto a series of mini DVDs.

The catch here is that I also have some box sets (firefly, futurama, etc)
that I would like to transcode expecting to get only two or three episodes
per disc.

Once I get the files to AVI, I can generate my own menu structures and press
the DVD, it's getting them from the unencrypted VOB files to AVI (or MPEG)
files is the trick I don't remember.

And of course, I'd like to do it in Linux. :)


a tip to those of you that subscribe to digital cable and have a motorola
high definition settop (either DCT5100 or DCT6200) depending on your
settop's firmware and your cable company, you can use the firewire port to
stream/encode whatever the DCT is watching on the fly.  I tested this on
Windows, and I'm pretty sure it's a ton easier in Linux.

Thanks for your suggestions!


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