[SATLUG] Printers

Geoff geoff at w5omr.shacknet.nu
Sun Feb 17 15:53:55 CST 2008

Geoff wrote:
> Justin Burdette wrote:
>> I'm using the HP DeskJet 2345...snagged it at Big Lots for $30. 
>> Printed out
>> about 200 pages so far, still on the "starter" ink that came with it. 
>> Works
>> just fine in OpenSUSE 10.3!
> Since that's what I'm running, that sounds like a winner.
> It needs, also, to be a network printer, serving a couple of Winders 
> boxen.
> I configured the Canon i320 to be a network printer, for the other 
> Winders machine here... and it worked ok, but this i320 now is 5+ 
> years old, and it's skipping, the rollers are squeaking, etc... 

and, it simply flat-out 'refuses' to play nice with Linux, using Samba 
and the print-source. 

I stood on my head on one arm, cocked my ankle just right, held my other 
foot with my free hand, crossed my eyes and even touched my tongue to 
the tip of my nose, all at the same time, and the damn thing -still- 
wouldn't work.

Perhaps if I had raised my eyebrow (ala Spock in ST-TOS)...

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