[SATLUG] OT: CD/DVD Drive Repairs

Chris Montgomery chrisncats at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 17:25:58 CST 2008

Sorry for the OT topic, but you folks always seem to have the answers on 
stuff like this <g>....

I've had three CD/DVD drives go down when the little nylon belt that 
makes the CD's spin and the tray door open/close broke on me. I tried 
getting two repaired at a shop last year and they guy couldn't do it, so 
I bought a new one and stuck it in my machine and unplugged the power to 
the other two. Now this third CD drive's belt broke and is inoperable so 
I have no CD drives that work.

Does anyone know where to get the little nylon belts (looks like a small 
rubber band) to replace the broken ones? Has anyone ever done the repair 
yourself? If not, do you have a recommended computer repair shop where 
the techs are competent enough to fix the CD drives?


Best regards,

Chris Montgomery

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