[SATLUG] OT: CD/DVD Drive Repairs

Chris Montgomery chrisncats at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 19:11:53 CST 2008

Charles Hogan said the following on 2/20/2008 6:43 PM:
> You could also possibly look for an o-ring of similar size.  I used them 
> years back to replace belts in VCRs and tape decks.  A good hardware or 
> auto parts store should have them.  CD-Roms aren't that difficult to 
> pull apart and put back together.  Worst case scenario, you loose a few 
> extra cents and end up replacing the drive anyway.

That's a good idea and I may try it. I don't really want to buy a whole 
new drive every time one of those little belts breaks if I can fix it 
myself. I asked someone at Altex Computers about it last year before I 
bought the third drive and he said there was an electronics store down 
on Fredericksburg Rd, near I-10, but danged if I can remember the name 
of the place. I haven't looked online yet, either, so I may give that a 
shot. If I find some place that sells them I'm going to buy a whole big 
bag of 'em.

I still think this is another Chinese conspiracy to drive us all nuts - 
use cheap little drive belts that break early and often and then hope we 
all run out to buy more cheap drives made in China.


Best regards,

Chris Montgomery

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