[SATLUG] Upgrade time, with questions!

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Fri Feb 22 10:09:53 CST 2008

Justin Burdette wrote:
> Finally decided that this old machine has had it. Newegg is sending me a new
> board, processor, case, and memory. I've been running OpenSUSE 10.3 (i586)
> on this computer, and the new one will be an Athlon 64 X2, so I'm presuming
> I need to use the x64 version. Now I come to the question...I've noticed
> that it doesn't seem that a lot of the packages I can get for i*86 are
> available as x64 packages. What will I need to do to run them on the x64
> system?

A 32-bit OS will run fine on a 64-bit processor.  Going to a 64-bit
system is highly overrated.  The binaries are bigger and take longer to
load (but you might not notice).  The system is significantly more

The reasons for 64-bit systems include things like:

* You want to do solutions of computational fluid dynamics
* You want to edit files larger than 4GB
* You have more than 4GB physical ram

Others may come up with some different reasons, but know why you want to
change to a 64-bit OS before you do.

  -- Bruce

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