[SATLUG] Re; Questions about Questions

herb cee hc at lookcee.com
Sun Feb 24 19:49:19 CST 2008

scs at worldlinkisp.com wrote:
> Better yet, get an spare 10g ~ 20g HD and hook it up
> and experiment to your hearts content, and if you
> hose up and you can't fix it, merely reinstall your
> test OS and try again. Besides, you main HD can be
> reconnected and good to go.
> Easiest way is hook both drives jumpered " CS " and
> simply connect and disconnect the molex power plug to
> the one you want to play with.

Lou I am gonna do this and try out all the fun stuff and act just like I 
know what I'm doing, NOT. ... Just to be sure since I never ran a HD 
jumpered to cs... I would keep the "main HD" power plug disconnected 
when I am treading where Godzilla fears to go? Then reconnect when I not 
playing and disconnect the play drive?

Wow this is cool, I made a note file to keep this great steering intact.
Thanks guys

> HTH Lou

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