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On Mon, Feb 25, 2008 at 9:18 AM, Borries Demeler
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>  If AG is what you want to use, you can also get a CDROM install iso from
>  our download site (www.ultrascan.uthscsa.edu). That one installs the
>  same distro natively, and the networking will be less tricky, although
>  you will still have to open the UDP ports 30000 to 65535, if they
>  are blocked. I think all USB cameras supported under Linux can be used
>  on this distro - Jeremy, which ones do you recommend?

Logitech Quickcams up to 4000 will work. The rest you'll have to check
if its supported with the stock kernel drivers or the PWC driver.

>  If you want to VC with someone for testing, send me a mail and meet you
>  in our UTHSCSA lobby:
>  https://ag1.v19.uthscsa.edu:9000/Venues/default
>  (use the UTHSCSA multicast bridge, or the NCSA or Argonne bridges if
>  you are not blessed with a multicast network)
>  More information on AccessGrid video conferencing can be found on:
>  http://www.accessgrid.uthscsa.edu/

If you're just curious about Access Grid and want to see what's
available, check out the Access Grid Scheduler at NCSA:


All AG workshops and conferences are posted here. I'd love to be able
to include SATLUG meetings some time ;)

Snapshot of the Virtual Genomics Conference we participated in here at the HSC:


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